Private Business Conference Events

A first phone call, a meeting to get acquainted, building a menu: we are about to embark on a fascinating journey together.
Along the way we will share our knowledge and experience with you,
but we’ll mainly listen and learn to see things through your eyes.
This movement, inward and outward, is the most important thing we’ve learned from hundreds of events – to listen to our experience and hear your ideas and aspirations, to manage the event according to plan while being sensitive and responsive to the guests, to cook according to the recipe while improvising according to our instincts.
When all these things occur, your event becomes truly personal and still manages to touch each and every participant.

We’ll be there to ensure that all the ends meet in the moment of truth, to create a meaningful and moving experience.

Launching truffle mushrooms, locally grown

An event held for the Titan Foundation, celebrating the first crop of Israeli truffles locally grown by ILSAR’s high-tech crops. The event was a milestone and the fulfillment of a dream, the first time truffles were naturally grown in Israel.

Mercedes Client Event

It’s good to be a Mercedes client – once every two months Mercedes has a Clients’
Night with a rotating menu from Tiltan and a performance by a guest artist.

De Beers Cocktail

Dress code – ties.
A meticulous and glamorous cocktain evening held at the Tel-Aviv Cultura and produced by Kaleidoscope.

Diesel – La Casa de Papel

A star-studded launch by Shiny Productions, with appropriate catering from the best in the business.

Anthropology – Opening Brunch

The arrival of the American brand to Gindi TLV Mall, meticulously produced by “Shayni”.

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